Here’s what you need as an Event organizer to manage any attendee crisis during an Airmeet event. 

  • Report the message
  • Remove the Message (Directly)
  • Block the User (Directly)
  • Blocked Attendee Experience

Report the Message

The event organizer or the attendees can report any inappropriate message in the chat window.

  • Select the message you want to report and click ‘Report’ from the drop-down menu.

  • That message will be diverted to the Moderation tab.

  • From there, the attendee can report the relevant message, and as an event organizer, you can remove the message or block the user from the people tab.


Remove the Message (Directly)

  • Select the message you want to remove from the live chat.

  • Select Remove from the drop-down menu, and the message will be removed from the chat.

Block the User (Directly)

  • As an event organizer, you can block the user from the people tab or from the event feed by selecting the 3 dots. 

  • Select the message or click on the three dots by hovering on the participants under the people tab.

  • Select Block the User from the drop-down menu and block the selected user.


Blocked Attendee Experience

Once event organizers block the Attendee, they would be restricted from the Other section of the event like reception, lounge & booths section.

The blocked attendee would only have an option to view the session in lite mode (30-sec delay) and won't be able to participate in live chat, raise a hand, and Q&A section.

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