As a host, how to change the number of seats on the table in the Social Lounge?

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Note: Maximum number of seats is 8 / 30 /125 seats + host and a minimum of 1 seat + host.

Participants supported according to Airmeet plans:-

Attendee-Based Plans (Community created or upgraded after 12th October)

PlanNo of Chair(participants) / virtual table
FreeUp to 8 participants
StarterUp to 30 participants
ProfessionalUp to 125 participants
EnterpriseUp to 125 participants

Older Plans (Activated before 12th Oct)

No of Chair(participants) / virtual table
Up to 8 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
AppsumoUp to 15 participants

Note: Airmeet also supports 50 participants/table on a custom quote basis. Kindly reach out to our Sales representative or your Account manager.

The social lounge is completely configurable. Add a name or brand logo on individual tables to increase or decrease the number of seats. You need to be the event host to configure the tables. Please follow the following steps.  

Step 1: After creating the Airmeet, from the event dashboard click on Enter Event, and you will be directed to the event in the preview mode.

Step 2: On the Lounge section, go to any table you want to configure and click on the 3 dot icon.


Now click on "Edit," as shown below, to edit the table. 

Step 3: Now plug in the name, and image on the image-holder, and set the number of seats you want on the table. 

Additionally, you can either fix the number of seats on the table or leave it in expansion mode, which means that the number of seats will increase by one every time new participants join the table, as long as the maximum number of seats are not occupied. 

A maximum number of seats can be 8, 30 or 125 (depending on the respective plans) and a minimum of 1.

Step 4: Save the changes, your table would look something like this. 


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