Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Plan limits & Pay as you go 

3. Event Entry flow On Controlled Registration

4. FAQs


Participant's registrations in Airmeet are calculated differently for Meetup format and Conference format respectively.

1. Meetup Format: -

In Meetup format, the participant’s registration is calculated per-event basis for a community.

If an event organizer has enrolled for a plan of 300 participants, then only 300 participants can be registered for a particular event. The organizer does have an option to allow extra registration beyond their limit by clicking on the “
Edit” button on the dashboard.

Registration Indicator: It denotes the number and percent of participants that have registered for a particular event and the remaining registration left as per the plan.

For example, Jane Doe has a plan of 300 registrants per event and out of which 150 participants have already registered for the event (i.e. 50% of the total registration) and the remaining 150 (i.e. remaining 50%) participants can register and join the event.


Note: Once the registration limit has reached 90% of the total quota, an alert would be sent to the organizer for an upgrade.

2. Conference Format: -


 In Conference format, the participant’s registration is calculated at a cumulative level across all the conference events hosted in a particular community.

If an event organizer has opted for a plan of 5000 participants for a certain period of time, total registration will be calculated cumulatively as per the 5000 registration capacity for all the events hosted.

The organizer does have an option to allow extra registration beyond their limit by clicking on the “Edit” button.

Registration Indicator:

The indicator shows the percent of used quota as per the allotted registrants.

For example, Jane Doe has a plan of 5000 registrants and 1000 participants have registered for her event. 

Total participants registered would be shown on the dashboard along with an indicator that shows the remaining registration quota left out of 5000 at the community level.

Note: Once the registration limit has reached 90% of the total registrant’s quota, an alert would be sent to the organizer for an upgrade.

Plan Limits & Pay As You Go 

Who is counted as registrants on Airmeet?

  • Participants who have registered or bought a ticket for an Airmeet event are considered as registrants.
  • Speakers and Booth Exhibitors are also counted as the registrants for an event.

    Note: Community Manager and Event Manager (team members) are not counted as the registrants

Plan Limit

Every plan that an organizer buys comes with a registration limit.

For example - when an organizer buys a $99 plan, they get a 100 registration limit/per event for meetup format, Once the plan has reached its limit the community cannot take any more registrations.

Airmeet informs the organizer when they are about to reach their plan limits by sending out alerts when registrants reach 90% and 100% of their defined limit. 

The event organiser can either turn on their pay-as-you-go switch (currently in beta for a selected set of users) or contact our business team to upgrade their plan accordingly.

For free plan accounts, once their event reaches 100 registrants/event, the host will not be able to take in more registration and would need to upgrade his/her plan to use the pay-as-you-go model.

Pay as you go billing: Allow event registration beyond your plan

We understand that event business is very tricky with a lot of unpredictability.

Therefore, we wanted to help the event organizer maximize their event experience and not worry about anything, by using pay-as-you-go billing to allow extra registrations beyond their limit.


  • The registrant limit can be controlled by the event organizer. If the organizer enables the pay-as-you-go switch they would be able to take as many extra registrations beyond their registration limit as possible.

  • The event organiser will be charged on their linked credit cards and the invoice will be sent over email after the event has ended (if that particular event has got any extra registrations).

Allowing extra registration beyond the plan limit can be enabled by the organiser in two ways:

a) Community Dashboard.

Step 1: Go to the community dashboard.

Step 2: Click on “Billing Plan” and turn on the “Allow extra registrations beyond the limit for your Airmeets” button. The button is kept off by default.

b) Event Dashboard: 

Step 1: Go to the “Basic Information” on the dashboard and click on the “Edit” icon on the Registrants banner.

Step 2: Toggle the “Allow extra registrations beyond limit” to on (towards right).

Event Entry Flow on Controlled Registration

Event dashboard > Event entry > Choose the relevant event entry type

1. Anyone with the link can join

Once this option is selected, participants would not be allowed to register and enter the event after the opted registration limit has reached.

2. Anyone with the link can join with a registration
Registration can happen only till the planned number of registration and after that, no one will be allowed to register and enter the event after the limit has crossed.

3. Only specific participants can join (CSV only)
Airmeet provides a special feature where the event organiser can upload as many attendees on the CSV list as they want. But the attendees are counted as registrants only once they register for the event in Airmeet.

For example, an event organiser has a plant limit of 400 registrants. If they upload more than 400 attendees on the CSV list, only the first 400 participants will be able to register for the event. It works on the “First come, first serve” model.


1. How will the attendees know that the event is full?

Once the event registration limit has reached, the attendees will get an “All Seats Filled” message and will not be able to join the event. This applies to all types of Event Format.

2. When does the registration count start?

From the day plan limits & metered pricing is live every registration happening after that would be counted and shown on the event dashboard.

3. Will my planned limit change based on past usage? 

No, All those steps are to be performed by the organiser from their dashboard.

4. How does the switch enable metered pricing to behave? 

It works on an immediate effect - as soon as it is turned on “extra registration”,  registration can be taken and as soon as it is turned off we will stop taking extra registration

5. What happens if plan limits are hit and an exhibitor is trying to enter?

If the exhibitor is trying to enter using his unique exhibitor link then he would face no problem entering the event.

If the exhibitor uses the event link or unique link sent on his email and joins after the registration limit has reached, he won’t be able to enter the event. The best way is to use the exhibitor link.