1. Overview

Give Control To Your Event Participants To Set-up Lounge Tables.

With this feature, the event organizers can allow event participants to set up their tables to open group conversations and roundtable discussions. This update will help your attendees start exciting content tracks at your events. 

Event organizers will be able to moderate these tables and can delete them at any time.

2. Setup Virtual Lounge tables

After creating your event, 5 tables are created on the lounge by default in the social lounge. 

However, as an organizer, you can increase the number of tables according to your preference from the virtual lounge by clicking on the "Configure the Social Lounge" button.

Let us see how to add more tables to your social lounge:

Step 1: Click on the configure "the Social Lounge" button.

Step 2: Enter the number of organizer tables you want for your event. 

You can choose from the recommended option or add a custom number for creating that number of tables.

A maximum of 500 tables are allowed per event.

A maximum of 15 participants + 1 organizer can join each table. (8 people can participate in case you are on a Free plan)

Step 3: After selecting the number of tables, click on SAVE.

Those number of tables will be created in real-time, and your attendee will be able to see the additional table (in case during the live event if needed).

Note: To remove the extra table event organizer can go back to Configure option and enter the lesser number of tables.
For example, tables on which attendees will be sitting would be deleted after the last person leaves that table.

3. Enable Attendee based table

Allow your attendee to create and configure their table by enabling attendee-led tables.

Let's see how an event organizer can enable Attendee led table and allow attendees to create their table.

Step 1: Once you're in the social lounge, look for the "Create discussion topics for people to join" tile.

Step 2: Toggle the Button towards the right-hand side to enable the Attendee led table.

Post that, all the participants (Speaker, Exhibitors & Attendees) will be able to create their own table and configure it accordingly.

Note: Guest users (Attendees joining without registration when event entry "Anyone can enter without sign-in" is selected by event organizers) can't create an Attendee-led table.

4. Disable/Remove Attendee based table

As an event organizer, you can disable/disallow attendee-led tables during or before the event.

Let us see how to disable the attendee-led table from your social lounge.

Step 1: Go to the by default tile and toggle the "Allow attendees to create tables?" towards the left-hand side.

Note: Turning the feature off will prevent the attendees from creating new tables. 

Existing attendee-created tables will be removed.

Step 2Select what happens to the table created by the attendee.

Delete all now: Delete all the tables created by the attendee and remove them from the table immediately.

Delete table when empty: Delete the table once the last attendee leaves the attendee created table (even if he is not the creator)

5. Points to keep in mind

  • The event organizer won't be able to change the number of tables (Increase/Decrease) when the Attendee-led table feature is turned on.

  • The event organizer can delete a particular table by hovering towards the table and clicking on the delete option.

  • Participants joining from Airmeet mobile application would not be able to create their own table but would be able to join tables created by other attendees joining from Desktop/Laptop.
  • Participants can't retrieve the table once deleted.

  • Guest users (Attendees joining without registration when event entry "Anyone can enter without sign-in" is selected by event organizers) can't create an Attendee-led table.

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