As an attendee, how can I create my own table at the lounge?

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1. Overview

2. Create a new virtual table

    2.1. Configure your virtual table

    2.2. Leaving/Deleting the virtual table

    2.3. No of the participants supported Airmeet plans

3. Things to keep in mind

1. Overview

Give control to your Event attendees to set up lounge tables.

The event organizers can allow event attendees to set up their tables to have an open group conversations and roundtable discussions with this feature. 

Event organizers will have the access to moderate these tables and delete them at any time.

2. Create a new virtual table

Join a discussion table to meet with people or create one for others to join. 


To create the table, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Social Lounge and find the "Converse with people on discussion tables" tile.
Step 2: Click on the "Create new table" button.

2.1. Configure your virtual table

Step 3: After clicking on the "Create new table", you can configure the table by providing a topic for the table, adding an image & deciding the number of seats.

Table topic: Enter a topic that participants will find interesting to join during the event.

Add an image: Add an image to the table which draws people to join. 

Supported image formats are SVG, PNG, or JPEG. Maximum file size 500 KB.

Number of seats:  Enter the number of seats to be visible to Attendees (Though 15 participants can be seated altogether but would show 8 seats visually)

Select the mode of the table:

Fixed: Only a particular number of participants would be allowed to join the table as mentioned in "Number of seats."

Expanding: The number of visible seats at the table will start at 8 seats and will expand automatically. As long as a seat is available, more people can join the table. One seat each is reserved for an organizer and table creator to join.

Step 4: Click "SAVE", and your table will be created for other participants to join you for networking & discussion.

Note: A participant can create 1 table ONLY at a time. You would be able to edit the same table but to add another table, you need to delete the current table.

2.2. Leaving/Deleting the virtual table

Once you're done with the discussion and plan to leave the table, the table will be deleted automatically.

The table creator will have the option to leave the table and delete it or can choose to leave and delete the table automatically once the last person on the table leaves.

2.3. No of the participants supported according to Airmeet plans

Attendee-Based Plans (Community created or upgraded after 12th October)

PlanNo of Chair(participants) / virtual table
FreeUp to 8 participants
Premium WebinarUp to 30 participants
Virtual EventsUp to 125 participants
All-In-SuiteUp to 125 participants

Older Plans (Activated before 12th Oct)

No of Chair(participants) / virtual table
Up to 8 participants
Premium Webinar
Up to 30 participants
Virtual Events
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
AppsumoUp to 15 participants

The event organizer & moderator has an additional chair reserved for them on a table.  

Note: Airmeet also supports 50 participants/table on a request basis. Kindly reach out to our Sales representative or your Account manager.

3. Things to keep in mind

  • The event Organizer needs to enable an Attendee led feature for the attendee to create their table.
  • An Attendee can create 1 table at a time only.
  • Attendees joining from the mobile application would be able to join tables created by another attendee from their desktop/laptop but won't be able to create their own table.
  • Guest users (Attendees joining without registration when event entry "Anyone can enter without sign-in" is selected by event organizers) can't create an Attendee-led table.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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