How to create & send email to event participants?

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1. Overview

Customize the emails going out to the event registrants and attendees on Airmeet. 

  • Add images/GIFs & custom HTML
  • Change fonts and size as per your brand
  • Super customizable with layout
  • Preview in different device types: desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Add event entry links (magic links)
  • Add sender name
  • Send emails to a particular segment
  • 20 custom emails per event can be sent

The following emails are available by default; organizers can edit their content.

  • After registration
  • On Invitation
  • Event Reminder & Session bookmark emails
  • Send New Emails to Attendees, speakers, & Exhibitors.


A default reminder email (one-hour before the event) is sent to all attendees on the participant list, regardless of 

  • their registration status (pending or confirmed) and 
  • the event status (upcoming, paused, or started).

2. Create Email Templates

You can create  or edit the email templates from the community dashboard before the event starts.

Follow the given steps for the same:

Step 1: Access the community dashboard after logging in.

Step 2: Select Library on the left to access email templates (Library > Email Templates)

Step 3: Edit the existing template or the system email templates, or create a fresh template of your liking. 

Step 4: You can access the created templates from the Emails section inside the event dashboard and use them (Emails > New Email > Select Template). 

3. Create New Emails and manage delivery times for Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors & Segments

As an event organizer, you can edit the default email template and add certain elements to the registration confirmation email. Send up to 20 customized emails per event to attendees, speakers, exhibitors, & segments.

To send customized emails to your event stakeholders, follow the below steps.

Step 1: On the event dashboard, click on the Emails tab > Click on "New Email".

Select from the email templates or create a new email.

3.1. Adding Email details

Start adding basic sender details before adding the content part of the email. Go to the right-hand side of the email editor and start entering the following details:

1. Campaign Name

Enter a memorable name for reference.

2. Recipients

Select the recipients who should get the new email from the Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors, or a particular segment.

Attendees: An email will be sent to all attendees who have confirmed or are still in the pending stage.

Speaker: All Speakers assigned to any one session will receive an email. 

Exhibitors: All exhibitors added before sending the email will receive an email. 

3. Sender Name

Let recipients know which person or entity sent them this email.

4. Email Subject

Enter informative text and insert dynamic content to explain the email. To enter Dynamic content, click on the tag icon and select the options.

5. Reply-To Address

Enter the email address to which you want participants to respond.

6. Delivery Time

Choose the time at which the email will be sent out. You can send the email immediately or select a custom time and schedule the delivery date & time.

Step 2: Click on the "Next" button to start editing the content.

3.2. Building your email body

Airmeet has a very friendly email builder that helps you add a different section on email and different kinds of media files, along with HTML code. Let's see how you can do the same for your email.

3.2.1. Adding the Content element

Select the type of element you want on your email body and "Drag & Drop" the element to a particular section of the email body.

a. Columns

Add Different types of columns to your email body. Simply drag and drop the column element and choose the type of column you want to display. 

Select the type of Column you want to insert and edit the same according to your preference using the advanced editing options available on the right-hand side.

You can add content from the Upload section of the email editor.

b. Add a Heading

Add a heading to your email with advanced customizability capability to make your email stand out to your event stakeholder. Simply Drag & Drop the Heading element and enter the text accordingly.

c. Add Text with merge tags

Add a text with your email body & format the text according to your preferences. Edit the Font size, font style & hyperlinking of the text.

Add Merge tags

Add Airmeet merge tags like Community manager email id, event date, event entry link, and event name.

Select the Merge Tags option > Choose the merge tag you want to add to the email body.

The merge tag will automatically pick up the selected fields and will be added to the preview state for you to review once.


d. Add an image/Gif

Add an image banner or Gif to showcase on your email. Drag and drop the image element and upload your desired content accordingly.

Add various information about the image and format the same accordingly.

Recommendation: Ensure the file is lightly weighted to load smoothly in the recipient's email box.

e. Add a button

Add a button for your recipients to take action and reach out to your aim (Could be registering for an event or submitting a feedback form).

Simply Drag and drop the Button element and mention the action a button should take by either entering the URL for prediction or selecting the event link by clicking on the "Special links" dropdown.

f. Add a Divider/Section

Add a divider or a section on your email to differentiate between more than one part of your email.

Simply Drag & Drop the divider element and change the formatting accordingly.

g. Add an HTML code

Add an HTML code on the email body or embed an iFrame code.

Simply Drag & Drop the HTML element and enter the code accordingly.

h. Add a menu element

Add a menu element along with different item sections and redirect them to different URLs.

Simply Drag & Drop the menu element and add the menu items accordingly.

Redirect the viewer to another section or merge the event link using "Special links."

3.2.2. Adding the Blocks element

Add a block to upload different content or create a separator on your email.

Simply Drag & Drop the block element and choose the type of block layout you want to add.

Drag the content from the images or upload section and place it on the required block section. You can also change the formatting of the block and add different background colors to each section of the block from the right-hand side.

3.2.3. Formatting the Email Body

Format the email body according to your branding guideline and add Text Color, Background Color, Content Width, Content Alignment, Font Family, Preheader Text & Links Color accordingly.

Click on the "Body" section from the right-hand side and make desired changes.

3.2.4. Selecting Images

Search in upload images from online platforms like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay and upload them to your email content.

Click on the "Images" section from the right-hand side and search for your topics and email theme-related images.

3.2.5. Uploading Images or GIFs

Upload your images & gif and use them in your email. Click on the Uploads section of the email editor on the right-hand side and select the "Upload Image" button and select the file from your system.


Step 4: Once the email design is done, click the "Next" button.

4. Customize the content of system generated emails sent at various phases of an event.

4.1. On Registration

Recipients: Attendees

Delivery: Sent when an attendee registers for your event.

As soon as attendees register by filling in the registration form, a registration confirmation email is sent to them on their respective email id.

Note: The following template only applies to the "Anyone can enter after sign-in" event entry type.

4.2. On Invitation

Recipients: Attendees

Delivery: Sent when an attendee is invited to your event by sending them a unique link (Magic Link)

As soon as an attendee is added to the CSV upload, an invitation mail is sent to them at their email address.

Read about: 
How to upload a list of attendees for an Airmeet event and send invites via email?

How does the attendee's unique link (magic link) work?

Note: The following template is only applicable for the "Anyone can enter with their unique link""Only invited people can enter," "Ticketed event," & "registrations via API" event entry types.

4.2.2 Speaker invitation

Recipients: Speakers

Delivery: Sent when a speaker is assigned to a session, and an invitation is sent to them manually by the event organizer with their unique speaker link.

As soon as a speaker is mapped to a session, the event organizer has the option to send the invite mail to them with their unique joining link.

Read about:

Add Speakers and send them invites from the event dashboard.

4.2.3 Exhibitor booth invitation

Recipients: Exhibitors

Delivery: Sent immediately after the exhibitor is invited/added to a particular booth.

As soon as an exhibitor is added for a particular booth, an invitation is sent to them automatically.

Read about:

Adding Booth Exhibitor in Airmeet

4.3. On Session Bookmark (Virtual Event Format)

Recipients: Attendees

Delivery: Sent immediately after the attendees bookmark any particular session.

As soon as an attendee bookmark a session to view it later or set a reminder for the same, automatic mail is sent to their email address.

Read about:

Bookmark sessions and mark them on your official calendar

4.4. Default event reminder emails

Recipients: Attendees

Delivery: Sent 1 hour before the event starts (according to the event's timing) by default to all the registered attendees.

Note: The following template only applies to the "Anyone can enter after sign-in" event entry type.

5. Editing & Customizing the default email template

As an event organizer, you can edit the default email template and add certain elements to the registration confirmation email.

To edit the email for Registration confirmation, follow the following steps.

Step 1: On the Event dashboard, click on the Emails tab > scroll, and look for the relevant section you want to edit in the email.

Editing Email Template

Step 2: Click the edit option (pencil icon) to edit the default email template.

Step 3: The default email template would be open with formatting capability.

5.1. Pause Delivery of automated emails by Airmeet

As an event organizer, you can pause the automatic emails sent to attendees at any time; this stops all the communication from the Airmeet end sent by default.

To pause any section of the email, kindly follow the below steps.

Step 1: Under the Email notification tab (Event dashboard > Event Entry tab), look for the relevant section you want to pause the email delivery.

Step 2: Toggle towards the left, which will pause the email delivery.

Step 3: Attendees, Speakers & Exhibitors won’t get a confirmation when the email is sent either manually or by default for the event.

Step 4: To resume delivery, click on the three dots (located on the right-hand side) of the relevant section  and select "Resume Delivery"

5.2. Save as Draft

As an organizer you can Save the email as draft and customize the same later.

Step 1: Once you are customizing an email, you can click on the "Save Draft" button located at the right hand side bottom corner.

Step 2: This will save your email which can be edited later.

6. Things to keep in mind

  • Already registered attendees would not get the updated email layout (in case updated during the event or after a few attendees have registered)

  • To reset the changes (rollback on default layout) after saving the template, click "Reset to default."

  • Airmeet Footer for every email template can't be changed or deleted.

  • All email communication is sent from the "" address. The event organizer can enter the email address and replies.

  • You can add 20 new custom emails (apart from existing ones) for any Airmeet.

  • After existing emails are customized, the change will only reflect for the new registrants/reminders. (For emails already sent, the email would not be resent)

  • Custom emails are not based on Registration status. All the attendees (both Registered & Pending status registrants) will receive the custom emails.

7. Known Limitations 

  • The event organizer cannot resend a customized email.

  • In the editor, the same styling applies to blocks instead of individual words or characters.

  • Sent status is based on the timestamp, and deliverability depends upon the receiver server.

  • The "Event Link" dynamic tag is the event link, not the magic link (unique link).

8. FAQs

Q. What parts of the email can be edited or customized?

The event organizer can edit the email subject, date, and time of the email, copy the email, and edit or add dynamic tags.

Q. How can many maximum new emails be added?

Up to 20 new custom emails can be added.

Q. What are the emails available by default?

  1. Registration confirmation email 
  2. Exhibitor invites 
  3. Speaker invites 
  4. On session bookmarked 
  5. Reminder email (60 mins before the event)

Q. Can the emails be paused if required?

Yes, it can be paused.

Q.Is there an option to add dynamic tags?

Seven tags can be added - event name, community name, registrant name, countdown timer, event time, community manager email ID, and event entry link(unique link).

Q. Can ticketing emails be customized?

Yes, ticketing emails can be customized.

Q. Can we add images/GIFs to the email?

Absolutely use the images block and drag and drop the image.

Q. How can I add an attendee magic link (unique link) on an email

You can add a magic link on a button. Add a button and click on the button, and from the right-hand side, select {{eventLink}} merge tag.

Q. How to edit the confirmation email, which is sent manually from the participant list?

Go to the events dashboard > Emails tab > Scroll down and look for "Upon clicking on "Send Confirmation Email" from the participant tab" > Click on Edit option > After editing, click on "Save".

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