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UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is the simplest way to use codes in event URLs to track the event registrant's analytics data such as a source, medium, content, campaigns, and much of the event entry traffic which will in turn help the organizers to promote their events effectively.

Organizers of virtual events might try to run digital marketing campaigns to score registrations. Digital marketing campaigns generally use UTM parameters to help the organizers analyze the performance of their digital marketing efforts. 

Marketers can accurately attribute the source of registrations with the help of UTM parameters. Marketers can use this insight to double down on their marketing efforts and optimize their future marketing strategy.

How does UTM work?



There are many types of UTM parameters that can be appended to the link of the registration page. UTM parameters are sent as tags to the system whenever someone clicks on the link.


Airmeet's platform does not create these links with UTM parameters for the organizers. These tags are generally created in marketing tools used by marketers such as UTM Link Manager, Google URL Builder, Campaign Trackly, Rebrandly‍, Bitly, etc. You can easily google and use those tools if required for your events. 


There are some solutions available online to help organizers who do not have dedicated marketing teams. You can learn more about UTM parameter tracking here.

UTM is a very powerful tool to understand your event participants and to make the most of your event.

UTM Parameters in Event Analytics Report 


Airmeet captures these tags for each registration and shares an overview in the Airmeet analytics dashboard.

To find the same, click on 
Analytics > Registrations > Traffic Attributes



Further, a detailed report containing registration-wise UTM parameter report is shared with organizers on request to help them attribute specific registrations. For example, an organizer may want to understand where its most valuable registrants came from. This report can provide such insight. This can be requested from 


Example of  UTM Parameters:- 

Let's say that you are marketing your Airmeet event on Facebook through advertisements for the Christmas campaign. Your event link will contain the following UTM parameters:

So, your event link will look similar to the link given below:

You can have any parameter you like that will help you market your event.

Limitations of UTM Parameters:-

  • If the embedded registration form is required instead of the Airmeet landing page then, depending upon iframe permissions provided by the parent page, Airmeet might or might not be able to capture the URL to generate the attribution analysis report.


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