Does Airmeet supports "Whitelisted/Custom Event URL"? How can I Whitelabel my Airmeet event?

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Yes, Airmeet support fully Custom Event URL where you can change the event URL to your custom domain URL.

1. Overview

A custom domain refers to a personalized web address that you can use for your Airmeet event. Instead of using the default Airmeet URL, you can choose a domain name that aligns with your brand or event. This allows you to create a more professional and branded experience for your attendees. With a custom domain, you can replace the "" part of the URL with your own domain name, such as "". This helps create a seamless and cohesive experience for your participants.

Reference event link :

Important Note: 

The organizer needs to make sure the Whitelabeling is completed before the registrations or CSV upload, as the unique link (magic link) URL is also replaced after the Whitelabeling.

2. Prerequisite

1. Domain Name

Important Note: 

  • A custom path is not applicable

  • Domains or subdomains should be available for our use
    E.g.. we would send access request for and * (Mention: If you need root domain to be used at Custom Domain, please make sure you can add CNAME at root domain)

  • The domain administrator should have access to the domain

 2. Airmeet Event Link:  Mention the Airmeet event link

3. Favicon Image/Link (Preferable: Square Image): An icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks.

3. How to enable custom URL for your event

Step 1: Kindly send the above prerequisites to your CSM or ESM.

Step 2: After verification by the Airmeet technical team, an authentication email with a DNS record set will be sent from the assigned CSM or ESM.

Step 3: Your domain administrator needs to add a DNS record set to your domain settings.

Step 4: Once the DNS record set is added to your domain settings, kindly inform your CSM or ESM.

Step 5: The Airmeet technical team will validate the domain settings, and a confirmation email will be sent once step setup is completed.

4. Things to keep in mind

  • The entire procedure can take up to 7 business days
  • Once the custom domain is enabled, anyone clicking on the domain link will be redirected to the event's landing page.
  • A custom domain can only be enabled at the event level, the same procedure must be followed for each event. This can be on the same domain or a separate one as well.
  • The custom domain feature is applicable only to India region data centers.
  • After enabling the custom domain feature, every unique link (magic link), speaker link, exhibitor link, and event link is also whitelisted
  • Hybrid Conference format event is support on white-labeled events only via Custom Airmeet application.
  • All the email communication from Airmeet event are paused by default when whitelisting URL is activated. Request you to setup Custom Email Domain for all communication.

5.  Known Limitations

  • The custom domain is not supported on Airmeet mobile apps, so if an event is on a custom domain, participants will need to join from their Laptop or Mobile web browser.

  • The custom domain event only supports “Anyone can enter via their unique link” and  “Only invited people can enter” event entries.

  • Custom URL are not available on US/UK Airmeet data center.

  • Clicking magic links from outside the app (Deep linking) will not open the event. The user has to login to see the events or paste the event URL on the home page

  • We don’t support community dashboards over custom domains.

  • The organizer needs to make sure the whitelabeling is completed before the registrations or CSV upload, as the unique link (magic link) URL is also replaced after the whitelabeling.

  • By default, emails will go through, please request CSM for custom Domain emails separately, if required.

  • Airmeet doesn't support sub-domain of parent domain, i.e https://youronlineevents/event1/e/120dae10-bed5-11eb-86c0-0b6a850a8ae2 /.com 

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. 

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